The California EP

by Lesser Strays

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Recorded in the Summer of 2015 after moving back to San Diego from Portland. The California EP tells stories inspired from growing up in The Golden State, to the aimless post college years following the return to it.


released September 20, 2015

Written and Recorded by Joshua Petroni ©2015



all rights reserved


Lesser Strays San Diego, California

Indie Folk, Electric project founded by Joshua Petroni. Lesser Strays relocated to Portland, Oregon after "Epoch" was released in the summer of 2013. The EP "Kid and The Queen" was released in April of 2014. The following year the 7-track EP "Heaven and Hell" was released. After a year of playing in Portland, the first full-length album was released, and the project relocated to Milan, Italy. ... more

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Track Name: I Own The Beach
I own the beach
Mid-West tourists got nothing on me
I own the beach
Where are you from with your skin too pale for July?
Back to Ohio, back to Wisconsin! I own it
Don't walk my shore
Your tennis shoe life is the biggest bore
Don't walk my shore
You don't know surf wax is for
Don't walk my shore
But you can surf if I like you
I own the beach
Hot yoga yuppies got nothing on me
I own the beach
They only go out when the water's 70
Back to soak city, back to valley! I own it
But you can surf if I like you
I own the beach
Track Name: White Dress
She wore a white dress
Spoke of the ways to survive
Honey are you a temptress?
Covering the truth up with lies?

Love is a gamble
and the payout don't last forever
I'm too tired to ramble
and find a kiss to remember

You show me your true heart
What does that mean?
I don't believe in real love
Just believable dreams.
Track Name: Rock and Roll Kids
Los Angeles babies want their share of honey
Born in the land of bad habits and money
Smoking in the basement, working on that 8-track
Yelling at their mother, "Girl get of my back.
I'm gonna show these west coast kids where it's at"
I guess not all the rock and roll kids can be rock stars
Just like all those funny boys and girls can't take over Hollywood
But there's a party in a basement tonight
We can turn the amps up, drink some cheap wine
and feel alright. No we ain't The Rolling Stones but we're alright
Johnny played the guitar, until he went to college
it didn't meet the standards of discipline and knowledge
Oh it pleased his mother, Oh it pleased his father
That his dreams were no longer
They said art just leads to hunger
I guess not all the rock and roll kids can be rockstars
Just like all the dreams I dream, I can't walk in the morning
Choose a life more boring, it's the safe bet
Choose that life of regret
10 years from now at 6 AM, tying my tie on
Wondering where it all went wrong
Where have all my dreams gone away
I live charmless nights and empty days
Momma I wish that you were wrong when you said
"All you rock and roll kids can't be rock stars
Just like all you funny boys and girls can't take over Hollywood."
There's no more parties in my basement at night
We just sit home alone drinking expensive wine
but it don't taste right
Somehow nothing feels alright.
Track Name: Youth
Your personal dreamer. I was at the start. I've run so much further. Past the race for your heart. I left California. The sunlight grows old. Then you decide to love me. But our story's done and told. Youth is just for learning. Youth is just a tease. Get less sentimental and more boring. Learn to feel the breeze. All these friends that I've cherished. Will I ever see their faces? In dreams or in futures? Any relevant places? I was the romantic toiled by the sirens. Trying to surf right by them. Wanted to share horizons.
Track Name: Sagan
All the histories, lifeforms, and mysteries
Reaching for me now on a VHS movie
I know I haven't called you
Skyped, texing, or posted you
But you can come over tonight
We can watch Sagan on the TV

Let's get stoned tonight
Talk under the starlight
Lie on the sand
Where the Earth hits the tide of the sea

Let's get stoned tonight
Talk about alien life
Lay under the big sky
and feel the mystery.